Fenoko Engineering Design

Fenoko Engineering Design is a multidisciplinary engineering practice specialising in Materials handling design, Contract drafting and Machinery Design.

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What we do best


We are committed to creating effective and personalised solutions for all our clients. Our highly experienced & specialist staff are focused on delivering innovative and cost-effective services to help make your project a success.

Materials Handling Attachments Design

Pallet Forks, Lift & Carry Rakes, Root Rakes, Clamping attachments, Special purpose manipulators, Lifting jibs

Contract Drafting

Projects requiring workshop detail drawings, Professional 3D Modelling service to bring your concepts to life

Machinery Design

Workshop heavy maintenance equipment; Rotators, Machine Stands, Lifting Attachments, Hydraulic Pressing Tools, Transport Skids, Jigs & Fixtures, Storage Racks

Platforms & Access Design

Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways & Ladders to AS 1657-2013


Equipment Operation and Maintenance manuals

Workshop Maintenance

Hand Tools, Spanners, Hydraulic Crimping/Cutting Tools

Client Spotlight

Rylex Plastics has 20 years experience in the plastic fabrication industry, and can offer extensive knowledge and expert technical advice along with quality workmanship and personalised service.
We work with Rylex to design thermoplastic storage/air release/HDPE priming/dosing tanks (to DVS 2205-2 standards) and conveyor head chutes, truck fill chutes, wash belt chutes as well as liners, transmission chain guards, pile jacket systems, battery cradles and many more.

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